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Fino is a multimedia artist based in Bristol, specialising in graffiti and sculpture. Growing up in Spain, he was inspired by the street art scene in Granada and took influence from muralists and lettering. This passion was emphasised when he moved to Bristol, with it’s rich and historic graffiti scene.

Most recently, he has been exploring sculpture as his artistic outlet. These sculptures, using paint and polymer clay, all work around old spray paint cans. An environmental guilt was the catalyst of this medium investigation. He resented the amount of waste resulting from his graffiti, which can be a particularly unsustainable art style.

To overcome this environmental aspect, Fino wanted to repurpose the cans which would otherwise be discarded. He uses them as a canvas, morphing them into characters by layering mediums like clay, paint and pen. The sculptures are extremely stylised, with a distinctive bright and eye-catching aesthetic. Inspiration is taken from characters in animations, and imagery from the pop art movement.

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