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Dave Sharp


Dave has a penchant for painting as performance. You might have seen him complete at speed painting live on TV with Britain's Got Talent, BBC breakfast, Blue Peter, or This Morning.

Performance painting has taken him to paint for A list celebrities like Robert De Niro, Lewis Hamilton, Michael Parkinson and more. It has taken him around the world with notable tours in the USA and Canada. He's also used it to help raise over £400,000 towards charity.

Dave has been consistantly developing his craft since being facinated by celebrity imagery in school. Inspired by the world of fame and faces as they mix with colour and light, his work is a reflection of personal taste against our shared celebrity culture.

Corporate brands he's worked with include Nike, Mercedes, Bentley, McLaren, Ben Sherman, Disney, ITV, The Premier League, and HSBC. He has recently created the artwork for a national art campaign for Western Union.

This is Dave Sharp.

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