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Who are we?

MISSION - Share art with as many people as possible.

MOTTO - Share art now.

PURPOSE - Champion the joy of human creativity by amplifying artist culture.


We embrace the difficult task of reporting on the spectrum of art and creativity from living artists  to make them accessible to wider audiences with pride and excitement.

We amplify the voices of artists making “meaningful work” to maximise the impact to people’s lives. Ongoing learning in current and historical art thinking is necessary to understand which work is “meaningful work”.

We must follow, understand and embrace the most current communication technologies and platforms to effectively trend art with multiple, worldwide audiences. 

We understand the importance of making reasonable profits so we can re-invest, take bold risks, and explore creativity in all its manifestations. With this, we will always consider our environmental impact.

We commit to continuing our own creative pursuits as artists and creators.


Keep At It was founded in May 2020, during the most intense time of lockdown. 


The first exhibition was covid secure and drew over 5000 audience members in December 2020.

Since then, we've been growing and learning into a popular movement.

We believe that supporting creativity makes the world a better place and we want to live in a better world.

Keep Art It's mission is to share art with as many people as possible.


We offer artist centred media production, support and engagement.

To truly engage audiences, we must be co-creators, co makers and feel that creativity is for them.

Keep Art It supports an astounding array of creative disciplines from fine artists to hip-hop musicians. This open and inclusive approach leads to exciting opportunities for collaboration. This isn’t just making art, this is making life!

Keep Art It aims to be an cog in the circular economy of the future where artists lead the way. At the same time, we serve the community by enabling innovative solutions that address mental health and wellness by giving people a platform to express themselves.

Keep Art It is not just our name. 
It is a statement of intent.

About Us


Amplifying Creativity

We manage and support creatives to bring new life to public spaces and communities.

With a wideranging group of artists, we can accommodate any space and situation.

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Inspiring Ideas

We believe that art is great at bringing people together in unique dialogue to learn and grow.

Fine Art Consultancy

Selling emerging and established contemporary artists who have something to say.


Creating Media

Video content creation such as documentaries, ads, interviews, tutorials and everything in between.

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Arranging Murals

With our large network of amazingly talented artists, we can find a suitable artist for any situation and any budget.


Engaging Community

We work with the local community both directly and via established organisations to create a more wholistic and healthy society.

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