Keep Art It has a simple mission.
We share art with as many people as possible.


We do this with a unique mix of live events, media production, artist support and community engagement. 


Keep Art It supports an astounding array of creative disciplines from fine artists to hip-hop musicians. This open and inclusive approach leads to exciting opportunities for collaboration within new creative hubs. This isn’t just making art, this is making life!

Keep Art It can be an essential cog in the circular economy of the future where artists lead the way to reinvent retail. At the same time, serving the community by enabling innovative solutions that address mental health and wellness by giving people a platform to express themselves. 

Our Services


Supporting Creatives

We manage and support creatives to bring new life to public spaces and communities.

With a wideranging group of artists, we can accommodate any space and situation.

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Running Workshops

We believe that space is meant to be shared for learning and expressing yourself. We are working hard on our workshop program to start running asap. 


Selling Artwork

Selling emerging and established contemporary artists who have something to say.

Creating Media

Video content creation such as documentaries, ads, interviews, tutorials and everything in between.

Arranging Murals

With our large network of amazingly talented artists, we can find a suitable artist for any situation and any budget.


Engaging Community

We work with the local community both directly and via established organisations to create a more wholistic and healthy society.

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I'm passionate about sharing art and supporting artists. I endeavor to work humbly to make the world slightly nicer with art and beauty. Thank you for any and all support you give. There is no art without an audience to support.