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Keep Art It uses creativity to engage and communicate.
We are on a mission to
Share Art Now

Arty Gifts

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We'll get back to you as soon as we can. Thank you!


Amplifying Creativity

We manage and support creatives to bring new life to public spaces and communities.

With a wideranging group of artists, we can accommodate any space and situation.

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Inspiring Ideas

We believe that art is great at bringing people together in unique dialogue to learn and grow.

Art Experts

You need creative thinking in your life or organisation. With our massive network of artists and creatives, we can take the fuss out of matching you to the artist to make your vision come to life!


Creating Media

We make videos that deliver your message and vibe with experience and ease
- Call to action

- Meet the team
- Recap/Live Event coverage

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Arranging Comissions

With our large network of amazingly talented artists, we can find a suitable artist for any situation and any budget.


Linking business to community

We work with the local community both directly and via established organisations to create a more wholistic and healthy society.

We believe sharing creativity makes the world better.
We want to live in a better world.
With that in mind, Keep Art It's simple mission is: Share Art Now

Amplify. Report. Trend.

Champion the joy of human creativity by providing sustainable and new opportunities for artists to thrive.


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