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Keep Art It Exhibition at the Galleries Shopping Centre Bristol

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

2020 has been a tough year for most people but especially in the arts. Cancelled shows, closed galleries and studios mean a wealth of new works that speak about hope in COVID are desperate to be shared. Art has the power to uplift, unite and inspire. We need it visible

Now more than ever, we must Keep Art It.

The Galleries Shopping Centre in central Bristol and artist/producer Douglas Karson (founder of Art Battle Bristol) are pleased to announce our upcoming Art Trail. Utilising shop fronts in the shopping centre and 6 extraordinary Bristol artists, we will have the ability for audience and artists to see and experience artworks in person in an exciting and dynamic way. Audiences will be invited to choose their favourite artist through the KeepArtIt website ( as a way to engage and participate in the creative process.

We hope you can join us to share hope at the Galleries Shopping Centre this holiday season.

What: Art Trail of 6 high profile artists

When: Thursday, 3rd December - Sunday 20th December

Where: The Galleries Shopping Centre Bristol, BS1 3XA

Who: 6 extraordinary local artists.


Andrew Burns Colwill - An icon of the Bristol art scene with his fantastic vision and voice.

Hazel Mountford - stunningly beautiful photorealistic urban animal portraits that capture the joy of the wild.

Dave Sharp - internationally renowned speed portrait artist who specialises in celebrity portraits.

#DFTE - “It's just words, spelled out in black & white.”

Rosie Caley - stunning colours and landscapes applied with a natural sense and ease of light.

Douglas Karson - works that share balance through colour and geometries

The explicit mission of KeepArtIt is to share art with as many people as possible.

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