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I have always loved sewing fabrics together; embroidery and creating patterns. Over the years, I have become more specialised in freehand motion embroidery, creating textile art pieces that are striking to the eye. The fabrics I use vary depending on what feeling or interest I'm trying to evoke.  Double- or triple-tone silks can be seen in the majority of my work, and I also create my own patterns using stencils and silk painting, finally joining it all together with metallic threads.


A lot of my inspiration comes from childhood memories of countryside living: coastal walks, artists I admire, and time spent in meditation. Nature is truly beautiful with her colours so bright, and the season cycles feeding my creative mind. I try to incorporate all this into each individual textile art piece, using fabric and stitching, to draw you into the detail of the work I produce.

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Peace Lily detail 2.jpg
Cornflowers detail.jpg
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